SDCC Swag Giveaway!

We brought back so much swag from our SDCC trip this year, that we wanted to spread the love.


  • Enter at the link below.

  • Enter up to five times per day.

  • Choose as many prizes to enter for as you’d like.

  • If you win, you have to be willing to give us your address so that we can mail your prize out.

  • Entries open until August 11th.

Prizes include:

  • Divergent T-shirt “Erudite" (Black XL)

  • 2 Posters for the movie “You’re Next" and 1 for “I, Frankenstein"

  • 1 Poster from “THG: Catching Fire" featuring Katniss on an overlook.

  • 1 Poster with “THG: Catching Fire" logo.

  • Dawstring Book Bag from “True Blood."

  • "Save the Vamps" T-shirt from “True Blood" (Red L)

  • "Almost Human" promotional t-shirt (Grey L).

  • Journal Notebook from “True Blood."

  • "True Blood" branded 1 month XBOX LIVE Gold Membership and Anti-Microbial Screen Cleaner.

  • HBO and “True Blood" branded sunglasses

  • Set of 5 1" buttons from “Teen Wolf"

  • Ender’s Game pin (orange)

  • 5 Dauntless temporary tattoos from “Divergent."

  • Promotional Material from various authors; includes book excerpts, book trailer CD, e-comic book, and 5 bookmarks
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Advice for first time attendees

Hi all,

I'm a veteran Comic Con attendee - I think this will be my 8th in a row. It's definitely a highpoint of my year! I wrote up this list of advice for my teenage nephews who will be attending for the first time with me this year. I figured I'd share it here in case it helps anyone. You're welcome to add other tips in the comments if you like. Enjoy!

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Any gal still looking for a room?

All spaces filled. Thank you ^ - ^

One of our roommates had to duck out due to medical issues, and while we all look forward to hearing about her recovery, we are in a bit of a bind about the hotel costs. I was wondering if anyone was still looking for a room?

Name: Kaitlyn
Hotel: Hilton Bayfront (right next to the Convention Center by Hall H)

Days Booked: Tuesday - Monday (7/16- 7/22)
Price: $378.96 for all 6 days (we'd really like someone for all 6 days to keep the rate under $400 for all of us)
Smoking/Drinking: Smoking (No)/Drinking (Ok, so long as you're 21)
Spaces Left: 1-2 (one of my roommates isn't coming and we were informed last minute so we need to fill her spot.). There will be 4 of us for all 6 days and one of us for 4 days who is flying in on Thursday

Preferences and Description:
What type of room is it, and how many people can it fit? It's a room with two queen beds and we will be getting a rollaway and offering that.
Age/Gender Preference: At least 18 and must be female.
Include a brief description about yourself: This is year 3 for me! I'm going to be cosplaying this year but I'll try and keep everything as close to my luggage as possible. May have some swag lying about as well, lol. Same goes for some of my roomies, we're a nice bunch!
Behavioral preferences? Must be hygenic and a bit organized (clothes are one thing, but don't have food lying everwhere). No bringing boys up. Don't be rude and no pilfering. Ready and willing to have fun with new friends!

Thank you so much for your attention and consideration!

Nerd HQ?

Hello all!

Comic Con is coming up fast, and I was interested in finding out more about Nerd HQ.  Where would I go to find out about panels?  Or really just any general info for the upcoming events there this year would be great.


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Harry/Comic Con!

Sixth year running, we're doing a Harry Potter fan panel at Comic Con - this year it's at 4:15 in 6DE (same room as the last few years) and since it's one of the final panels at the Con, I'm strongly considering planning to decamp to a nearby bar for an hour or two afterwards to stave off post-con drop (and because my flight doesn't leave until 9:45).

Who's coming to Comic Con? Who'll still be alert and awake for our HP panel?