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Best Hotels

I'm going to the 2011 CC for the first time and wondered what the best hotels were, and why? Sounds like getting a hotel at all is already a problem?

Also possibly looking for someone to go with, or at least share a room with, with like interests. Joss fan is a must. ;-)


Depends on your definition of "best." THE best hotel is the Marriott, because it's adjacent to the convention center. The Hilton is great, it's across the street. The Hyatt can be fun as people tend to hang at the bars at that hotel Fri and Sat night.

I'm a huge fan of Embassy Suites because I like the inclusive breakfast and happy hour. The Hard Rock is cool, but I haven't stayed there yet. I think the Omni is also right there? I'm suddenly drawing a blank...
Marriott sounds good. Sounds like you know what you're talking about. Some hotels are better because the Con Guests stay there, do you know which one(s)?
I've been going to the Con for at least a decade. Now, none of those hotels are cheap. We're talking $300-$500/night. Over the years I've stayed at most of them! The "cheaper" you get (and its all relative during the con) the farther away you are. 1/2 mile doesn't sound bad until you've been walking the con floor for a day and can't imagine the walk back. I always budget for pedicabs and regular cabs for that weekend if I'll be in the show for a big stretch.

Con guests are often at the Marriott or the Hyatt and now also the Hilton. I don't know if you see more staying at the same hotel. The tend to be crazy busy during the show and then somewhere drinking after :D

Celebrities are not likely to be found unless you know the right people/parties.
Also the hotels book way, way, WAY in advance. Like, they could be booked now.
Yeah, the Marriott by the convention center is booked already. Probably a year in advance.

I realized it might be more interesting to stay where the writers / comic book people are staying, than the celebrities. I imagine because of their closeness everyone stays at the walking-distance hotels.
When you say "people" do you mean celebrities? If so, which bars, exactly? :D
Heh, nooooo. Well, not A-listers. They're smarter then to hang out where the fanboys might be :p but industry folk in general? Yeah, you'll see them at the Hyatt, likely the Hard Rock, and general industry parties. There are some actors that are huge comic fans that are there a lot - people who are bit parters or extras in shows, etc.
Ooooooohhhh, a fellow Joss fan, you say....well, hey there! :D *waves gladly, cheerily* Lookin' to share a room and hang out and all that, believe you me that I am very, *very* interested indeed - and absolutely wanting to know more! :D Ooooooo, do you do costuming as well, by chance? *bouncing eagerly*
Oh, good, you're a Joss fan! Was worried. I'd like to dress up, but am a bit of a perfectionist. If we go together, you'll have to help me decide and put it together. Ok? Are you driving then? All the way down there? That's a multi-day trip for you, yes?
*chuckles good-naturedly* Aaaahhhh, yes, 'tis true that my LJ defnitely speaks to the fact that I'm quite the SW fangirl, and no denying, and of course costuming in that same millieu has been very much a passion and priority of mine for, 'lo, what feels like these many years now :) - but for *absotively* sure and certain am I equally, fervently and passionately allllllllll about the Joss-verse costuming and fandom'ing, too....and indeed, yes, you betcha I'd be perfectly happy to help out costume-wise, any and all ways I can....fandom coordination just being ever-so-much fun, aye, quite true. :D Heck, that reminds me, I still have some small detail-work to finish up my Drusilla costume....just one o' these things I do keep in mind, and have been hoping the opportunity will yet present itself. :) I have a couple more Joss-verse costumes, though, one of which is a particular joy to go traipsing around in....probably a leetle hard to miss, for that matter. LOL! :D

And, well, to the matter of actually hie'ing oneself all the long way down there....for me it's flying, always flying....that much, even at this early stage, I figure I can be sure enough of.... :) Now, doing the whole thing involving flying down to another SoCal area and making the much shorter trek down to SD from there, that's so far been the way of it in my experience :)
Sorry, quidawn, bouncing is going to have to be completely out of the question for me. Same with costume. I support your spirit. I can't take part. Have fun. Maybe I'll see you there. Really cool of you to go as Dru!
Uh....huh, I see....or, no, wait, there could very well be a touch of confusion going on here. Had not you mentioned before that it was a notion which potentially intrigued you? That just seems quite a change of mind, and I am surprised - since wasn't that interest earlier expressed to the notwithstanding? Seems unfortunate, in that case.... *shrugs* And as for any kind of "bouncing" or how that might have been interpreted, I don't know - you realize that's just an expression of happiness, excitement or general positivity, eh? Which is hardly a bad thing.... So, why the change of heart? :)
if you don't care about sleep, stay at the Hard Rock or OMNI. right across the street.
One should not go expecting to sleep! Too much midnight oil to burn. Hell, sleep thru the con and then party with everyone all night, I say


I am looking for a roommate. I also like Joss. This is going to be my first year going to Comic-Con. Please let me know if you are still looking.